A super easy and tasty vegetable salad that is great in a sandwich but so verastile.

You'll need: 1.Cream cheese & mayo 2. Red onion & corn 3. Salad Leaves & carrot 4. Red Pepper & cucumber 5. Dried herbs, salt & pepper 6. Buttered brown bread

Remember to deseed the cucumber with a spoon"

Mix all the ingredients well and add a generous layer to buttered bread.

Add lots of salad leaves. You could add slices of cucumber and tomato too!

Cut into halves or quarters and serve. WAIT! I have more ideas!

Serve this vegetable salad 1. Pitta bread - in a pitta with hummus and salad leaves 2. Open sandwich - heaped on buttered soft bread, toast or a crispbread 3. Toastie - in a toastie with vegan cheese 4. Quesadilla - as a quesadilla filling with cheese & spices CLICK BELOW FOR MORE IDEAS!

For a full printed recipe with full ingredient list and nutrition table click the link below. I hope you enjoy the sandwich!

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